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Wealthcycles.com Website Review & Ratings + WealthCycles.com Coupons

WealthCycles.com is a site for investors, but unlike from the usual investor’s site, this one is intended for the average person and not for financial geniuses.

It shows trends, or cycles, in the money market and explains how to invest and why one investment is better than another.

WealthCycles.com is one of two businesses created by Mike Maloney, (the other is http://goldsilver.com, see review, https://knoji.com/goldsilvercom-review-and-promo-coupon-code, where investors can buy or sell gold and silver).

The idea behind WealthCycles.com can be best explained by using the explanation on the site itself, “WealthCycles.com was created to offer accessible, understandable, and increasingly valuable information on economic wealth cycles.”

In layman’s terms this site is designed to provide information on financial trends for potential investors, or simply for people who want to ensure their money keeps its value or gains more value.

There is a wealth of free information on the site, but there is also a subscription service

Which provides extra and more in depth information, and by paying for this you can recoup this investment many times over by following the tips and trends provided by WealthCycles.com. There are headings such as, “How to sell your gold and silver” and “How to Understand the Monetary System” with advice using terminology everyone will understand.

The purpose of this site is to help normal people become more aware of what finance means and how they can use any money they have to make more, or safeguard any investments.

The site is full of news, trends, projections and all sorts of information to help customers hold on to their money. It aims to help you ensure the well being of your family and future by providing real news on what money is doing by following “wealth cycles”. This means that by looking at certain data, both from the past and present, it is possible to predict what money will do over the next period, and armed with this knowledge, customers can invest wisely.

This is especially relevant today with the world economy in such a turmoil and so much conflicting information of all types available. The site is regularly updated and the news is current, (for example, at present there are articles on the Euro crisis).

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WealthCycles.com: What makes it different?

The word “invest” fills many people with terror – not because of investing but for the reason that the majority of sites are filled with jargon and presume a knowledge the average person does not have. This makes “investors speak” unintelligible for  non-financial minded people – hence the dread.

WealthCycles.com talks to people just like you, and explains everything to do with the market in terms anyone could understand. It cuts through the mumbo-jumbo and lets you get a good grip on what is happening and what is likely to happen.

WealthCycles.com is totally different to other financial sites for two main reasons. Firstly, WealthCycles.com is part of the Mike Maloney group, (with http://goldsilver.com as mentioned above), but unlike other sites the information offered to investors and the general public is offered on a different site, and not part of the precious metal buying and selling web site.

Normally two so heavily related topics would be all in the one place, but this way it makes for cleaner browsing. If you want to buy you visit http://goldsilver.com, if you are looking for advice, you visit WealthCycles.com. Simple and effective!

The offer to subscribe is at the bottom of the page and seems nearly like an after thought. Most sites stick it right at the top or the side, as they are really keen to get your money. Putting it at the bottom gives the impression that WealthCycles.com want to help you, not themselves.

Secondly, and perhaps more important, WealthCycles.com is aimed at middle class people and not rich entrepreneurs. Most investment companies want rich clients so they can have more prestige, to say nothing of money.  WealthCycles.com gives advice to anyone subscribing to it, but the aim is to help the middle range of people, who are not rich, but have some money they want to protect for their future.

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Best Available WealthCycles.com Coupon:
WealthCycles.com vs. primary competitors (sites similar to WealthCycles.com)

Wealth Cycles.com

Compared to other financial sites, WealthCycles.com is a pleasure to use. Everything is easy to follow and find, and unlike many others they give you lots of help for free. 

Le Metropole Cafe

Although this is a serious site giving gold and silver investors information about these precious metals, the site has the theme of a French café from the old days and this makes it hard to take anything they say seriously. There also is little information on the site, so you do not know what you are getting for your money – and no money, no information.

They offer two weeks Free Trial or annual Membership for $299.00, making it about $50 a year more expensive than WealthCycles.com.


The AU Report

The AU Report is also subtitled the Gold Report, and this is more or less what it is with a bit of investment advice thrown in.

The site is too messy and difficult to follow to be of much use, but they do give current prices of precious metals and have three free newsletters, “The Critical Metals Report, The Gold Report and The Energy Report”, but quite what you are getting in these newsletters is not specified.


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WealthCycles.com: Pricing & packages

WealthCycles.com is a free site, so there is nothing to pay. The site offers free information and up to date data about all things financial, and is simply done as a service to any interested party.

It analyses the news in real terms and explains what this could mean for you and what to do about it. There is no money being made on this site – all the information is free, although you can subscribe to WealthCycles.com for extra information and to be a part of their community.

The cost is:

There is a free 7 day trial, with “no credit card, no commitment”

Monthly $26.95

Yearly $227.40, ($18.95 a month)

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WealthCycles.com: Product images & screenshots
WealthCycles.com Coupons
WealthCycles.com: Customer reviews & comments

Wikipedia has this to say about WealthCycles.com:

“Michael founded WealthCycles.com in June 2010. The company is a financial education site that puts a comprehensive toolkit of information including analysis of current economic conditions, historical perspective and practical how-to-applications.”

An independent review of Mike Maloney, the owner of WealthCycles.com said this:

“Mike Maloney has a solid history in the investing of gold and silver bullion having stumbled into the market 2000 due to becoming a trustee of his family’s assets. Such is his ability that has become a advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, who might be considered a guru in the world of  Investment Finance.  Mike has proposed that investment returns are linked to “economic cycles” and has supported that with research into monetary history.”

 Other reviews said:

“I am also a follower of Mike Maloney of WealthCycles.com Mike is an expert in commodities – particularly precious metals. He was enlisted by Robert Kyosaki to write a book for the Rich Dad series. Not surprisingly, his book is about gold and silver as a hedge against just what is going on right now.”

“In the Wealth Cycle basics and fundamentals. Maloney and company explain the hardware of this Wealth Cycle principle. This is done so that you will understand the economic cycles and how to react to them properly.”

There are no obvious customer reviews, but then people who invest in gold maybe do not take the time to leave comments.

“Excellent eceonomics website!”

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Best Available WealthCycles.com Coupon:
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Nice well written and well researched review. Great job. Voted up.

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